What is the Splacer referral program?

Sending an event organizer away if you can’t accommodate them is a lose-lose situation - they’re left without a space for their upcoming event, and you didn’t secure their business. The Splacer referral program is an easy way for you to help your leads find a solution, leaving a lasting impression that could bring them back next time. 

What's in it for me?

  • Customer Service: Helping your leads find a solution is service that they will remember when their next event comes up.
  • Follow up in the future: Your referrals and their details are housed in Splacer’s management tools and you have a record of their visit. You can market to them any time in the future.
  • Create a new pool of prospects for your business: You’re participating in the program - and so are other space owners on the Splacer network. Referrals from others will be discovering your venue, just as yours will be connecting with theirs.
  • Get rewarded: In addition to these benefits, you will also earn rewards for every referral to Splacer*.

Who can participate in the program?

Any space owner using the Splacer management tools.

How do I refer an event to Splacer?

It’s easy!  

1) Click on the "Refer an Event" button on the main Pipeline view.

2) Add the relevant event details and customize a message to the organizer.

3) Hit 'send' and you're done!

Already added an event to your Pipeline? Go the event details and click the "Refer this event" button in the upper right hand corner of the screen. 


What happens after I refer an event to Splacer?

The Splacer team gets notified and we’ll reach out directly to your referral to see how we can help. We’ll give you updates about your referral’s progress from time to time and if an event is booked you’ll hear about it! You can also track your referrals and rewards in the management tools Stats section.


* Terms of the program may be updated by Splacer at any time.


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